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There are currently three international sibling chats of #obsm that span multiple time zones.


#obsmuk is a multidisciplinary community and chat that was established in March 2017. With a strong patient voice, #obsmuk’s leadership includes patients, dietitians, a medical student, an obesity physician, a general practitioner, a geneticist and bariatric surgeons.

The goal of #obsmuk is to spread evidence-based information about obesity and its treatment. The community also campaigns to improve access to obesity treatment and eliminate weight bias. The #obsmuk aims to achieve this by tweeting, by conducting tweetchats, and by engaging with and speaking to the public, media, the medical and allied health community and policymakers.


The #obsmuk group has also helped to establish #obsmMENA (Middle East and North Africa.)


The chat takes place on the fourth Wednesday every month at 8pm UK local time.


Please follow @obsmuk for an evidence-based obesity information and also to join a vibrant community.


Follow also our #obsmuk leaders for multidisciplinary communication and evidence based information about obesity.


Abd Tahrani, NIHR Clinician Scientist and honorary consultant Endocrinologist @AbdTahrani

Alex Blakemore, Professor of Genetics @aifbw

Cynthia Borg, Consultant Bariatric surgeon @cynthiamich

Gillian Galway, a bariatric dietitian

Jacqueline Joyce, Patient @Jacquelin_Joyce

Ken Clare, Patient and Chair of EASO patients council @EASOpatients

Mary O’Kane, Consultant Bariatric dietitian @Mpmok

Olivia Szepietowski, medical student @oaszep

Stephanie deGiorgio, General Practitioner @DrSdeG

Zaher Toumi, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon @ZaherToumi


#obsmMENA was founded in 2017 by a group of bariatric and metabolic surgeons committed to improving obesity treatment in the Middle East and North Africa (the MENA region). The group reflects the goals of #obsm and #obsmuk and is supported and directed by PASMBS (Pan-Arab Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons) and IFSOMENAC (the Middle East and North Africa chapter of the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity).

The chat takes place the third Friday every month at 3pm GMT. Tweets in both Arabic and English are welcome.


The group is led by Ahmad Bashir, Abdulrahman Nimeri and Zaher Toumi



Latest Transcripts

While each monthly chat is only an hour long, tweets are archived for later review

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